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Lawyers Pay

On June 22, 2023 law firms sued fossil fuel companies on behalf of Multnomah County, Oregon for deaths and damages due to the 2021 heat dome.

Climate experts assert that this heat event was “virtually impossible” apart from the climate change due to increased carbon emissions in the atmosphere. The lawsuit argues that the heat dome was “a direct and foreseeable consequence” of oil companies, which knew from their own research that carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels was causing global warming but continued to “lie” about the harm their products were causing.

Heat in Oregon

Other counties have sued oil companies with similar arguments, but in this case the law firms won’t charge the county for their services unless the county receives a favorable judgment.


The board of supervisors of Multnomah County and the members of the law firms committed to doing the legal work made difficult and potentially expensive eco-choices, for the sake of all of the entire population of the earth.


We all live in counties and many of us know lawyers. Might we encourage our county leaders and local law firms to consider filing suit against oil companies for the harm that their lies and products have caused and will continue to cause in our communities?


For details see Evan Bush, “Oregon county sues fossil fuel companies, alleging they caused deadly 2021 heat wave in Northwest,” June 22, 2023, U. S. News,

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